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Small businesses are owed $900B in receivables and most are suffering. Pay them today and you could save many.

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The spread of COVID-19 is threatening the health of small businesses everywhere. In the U.S., most have 2 months or less of cash on hand. They get paid on average in 28 days and are owed over $900B in receivables right now. If we pay them today, we can save many.
We must #paytoday.

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  • As a short term relief effort it’s vital that we get money into the hands of our SMB suppliers immediately, this said, we are prioritizing and committing to pay our small business suppliers right away

    Marten Abrahamsen
    CFO, Fundbox

  • Small businesses are essential to our neighborhoods, our communities, and the U.S. economy. They need us now more than ever and we all have to get their backs. Every action, big and small, counts right now. This especially includes taking steps to help improve their capital position by making sure businesses are paid as quickly as possible.

    Lexi Reese
    COO, Gusto

  • Every hour matters for small businesses that run on razor-thin margins. In addition to urgent government intervention, we need the private sector to come together in unprecedented solidarity. We fully support this initiative to get small businesses paid faster so they can survive longer.

    Toby Scammell
    Founder and CEO, Womply

  • Small business need more help from their government, clients, their local communities, and from any partners who might owe them money. That's where our wholehearted support of #paytoday comes in — a campaign that will encourage big corporations to pay their vendors’ invoices today, instead of waiting 30 days or more

    Eric Groves
    Co-Founder and CEO, Alignable

  • We have heard firsthand the struggles of our small business community to stay afloat as they make incredibly difficult decisions during these uncertain time.The #PayToday movement can quickly bridge the gap between lost revenues and impending stimulus checks by simply paying small businesses what they are owed today. We are doing our part as well by pledging to pay our small business vendors as quickly as we can and I encourage others to do the same

    Doug Llewellyn

Alignable polled its users and heard that most have 2 months or less of cash on hand. Some are already out of cash.

have less than
30 days of cash on hand

1-3 months


3-6 months


6+ months

Fundbox reviewed its data and found that on average it takes a small business 28 days to get paid. But that varies greatly by industry.

16 days

Semi conductors

34 days

Consumer discretionary

34 days

Consumer staples

44 days

Food & beverage

68 days

Energy equipment & services

68 days

Commercial & professional services

72 days

Capital Goods

80 days


U.S. small businesses are owed over $900 billion at any given time

How you can help


Small Businesses

Use our graphics to spread the word. Use #paytoday and #SmallBusinessStrong and share your stories about how you got paid quickly to inspire others to follow.

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Now more than ever your small business vendors need you. Join #paytoday and show your support for small businesses.

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Government Agencies

Typical government payables are 30 days. Cutting to 15 days is proven to have a positive impact on small business outcomes.

Join the cause
Spread the word

Spread the word

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With small businesses responsible for nearly half of the payrolls in this country, it raises eyebrows that so many are so close to the edge when it comes to their cash reserves. Couple this with the fact that small businesses create approximately 60 percent of the net new jobs in our country, and file about 14 times more patents per employee than their larger counterparts, you have an even more worrisome picture. [ Read more ] Karen Mills, former Director of the SBA from 2009 - 2013

Why #paytoday matters


Faster than government deployment


Transformative amount to complement the stimulus package


Not a handout -- this is money owed

One of the hardest parts of running a small business is cash flow. While some of my clients put down a deposit or pay bills in advance, many of my older clients have net-30/30-day payment terms. Some clients take even longer, especially if they're also waiting to get paid themselves. Deedee Hunt
Founder, Art Deezine

About #paytoday

#paytoday was started by concerned companies that serve small businesses. We saw the data and realized that if we didn’t do something, many small businesses wouldn’t survive more than a month after the coronavirus quarantines began. So, we started this movement: if everyone just paid the money they owed small businesses right away, it would inject a huge amount of capital into the small business economy and give them some runway until the stimulus funds are disbursed. Our goal is to raise the visibility of the problem, amplify the voice of small businesses, and mobilize enterprises and governments to get on board before it is too late.